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Date: 1st March 2016
PE Blow Molding Bag

1, PE flat pocket for the simple production process, by machine blown film, bag making machine cut into a bag, the bottom sealing.
2, bag by time machine for blowing with a bone, manual sealing. Different from the clip chain bag, the general two bags are easy to confuse.
The 3, clip chain bag by PE film, on the top with two clip chain (the clip chain is separate out) made bag, bag both sides generally have relatively wide indentation, and the self styled bags did not. Color printing bag, and clip chain bag can be printed with complex pattern.
4, the envelope is like an envelope with a tongue, the tongue is stuck on a tape, folding can be sealed bag. General clothing category with more. And express bag is actually a kind of envelope.
5, punching bag is to make a hole in the pocket at the top position, to facilitate the carry bag.
6, arm in arm bag is to be at the top of the bag and plastic film strip, convenient bags up, the process of consumption of artificial, the cost is relatively high.
7, the zipper bag is in the bag seal on the zipper and take a zipper cap.
8, PE film is the machine to blow out the bag after the film. It is also divided into the film and the film of the film.

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