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Date: 1st March 2016
Rubber Gasket

rubber gasket´╝Ü
Commonly used rubber gasket gasket: rubber flat washers, rubber O-ring, plastic flat gasket, PTFE gasket package, asbestos rubber gasket, metal flat washers, metal washers special-shaped, metal foreskin washers, wave washers, washers and other entangled.
(1) rubber flat washers: easy deformation, pressure, but not hard, but the pressure, temperature resistance is poor, only for low pressure, low temperature. Natural rubber have a certain resistance and alkali resistance, using the temperature should not exceed 60 DEG C; chloroprene rubber and ability of acid-base, use temperature is 80 DEG C; nitrile rubber oil resistant, available to 80 DEG C; fluorine rubber resistance corrosion resistance good, high temperature performance than general rubber strong, used in 150 DEG C medium.
(2) rubber gasket: cross sectional shape is a circle, the role of certain self tight, seal better than flat washers, and pressed a smaller force.

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